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Diana 34 EMS black 4,5 mm hunting

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Diana 34 EMS synthetic black 4.5 mm is a modernized version of the classic spring air rifle, which uses a number of innovative solutions, unprecedented in piston-spring air rifles. New solutions: Easy Modular System - modular design allows for easy replacement and tuning of important components, replaceable barrel with a position adjustment system, solid barrel locking system in the slide, two-part tension lever with polymer caps, barrel ended with 1/2 "UNF male thread, the possibility of replacing the bow tie, muzzle brake improving accuracy, N-TEC gas piston can be installed. Light bed The sediment is made of a durable polymer with an aromatic finish that is resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and the effects of moisture. Maintenance and cleaning of the polymer deposit is limited only to general cleanliness and the occasional use of silicone oil. The stock with a symmetrical Monte Carlo cheekpiece allows for convenient folding of the shots by right and left-handed shooters and the use of optics with a higher mount. The recoil after the shot is eliminated by the rubber foot, which also provides a stable support point for the stock. Convenient charging The spring is stretched by the classic "barrel break", the method most often used in spring airguns due to the convenient and simple operation. The carabiner uses a two-part cocking lever with polymer overlays that reduce metal friction and improve smoothness of operation. Adjustable trigger mechanism One of the key elements of the weapon that affects the accuracy is, of course, the trigger mechanism. Diana's patented T06 trigger mechanism allows for precise adjustment of the first stage, breakthrough and trigger weight, so that the user can adjust the parameters of the trigger to his preferences, which of course has a positive effect on the accuracy and repeatability of shooting. Removable barrel The 495 mm long grooved barrel is responsible for the accuracy and repeatability of the shots. Unlike other spring rifles, the Diana 34 air rifle allows you to replace the barrel yourself . The use of an improved barrel mounting system means that it is always locked in the slide in the same position. In order to precisely adjust the position of the barrel and prevent it from falling, we can use dedicated spacers of various thicknesses. Automatic fuse The carabiner has an automatic safety device that is activated when the spring is tightened ("barrel break"). Before firing a shot, always turn off the safety switch, which is conveniently located at the back of the piston chamber. Fiber optic sights The carabiner is equipped with modern sights, i.e. a fiber optic front sight and a vertical and horizontal adjustable rear sight. Thanks to the perfect absorption of light, the optical fibers significantly accelerate and facilitate the ripping of the front sight and rear sight. On the piston chamber there is also an 11 mm rail (with stop holes) that allows the installation of an optical sight.
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